Mountainside Smile Plan

Mountainside Smile Plan

Dental savings made simple. Sign up for our dental membership plan and save at least 20%.

Starting at: $32.00/mo *


*Plus a one-time, nonrefundable processing fee of $20.00.

The Care You Need at Prices You'll Love

Your dental care is our first priority! With the Mountainside Smile Plan you'll gain access to quality dental care at affordable prices that are just too good to beat. Members will receive discounts starting at 20% on dental services and treatments. As a member, you'll also see savings on products and services like vision, LASIK, hearing and prescriptions. Plus, as an added bonus, you'll receive access to Telemedicine providers. Join Today. Save Today!


Plan Savings

With our Mountainside Smile Plan, it's easy to access quality dental care at affordable prices that you and your family will love. As a member, you'll see savings of 20% on dental treatments and procedures.

Sample Savings:

Procedure Description Members Pay
Routine Exam* $0
Emergency Exam* $0
Standard Cleaning* $0
X-rays* $0
Composite (white) Filling 20% off
Crown (porcelain) 20% off
Root Canal 20% off
Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning 20% off
Scaling and Root Planing 20% off
All Other Procedures: 20% off

*Routine exam, X-rays, and standard cleanings limited to twice per year. Emergency Exam available to all members and limited to once per year. Check with provider for costs of additional exams, x-rays and cleanings. Every plan member is eligible to receive each of the complimentary services.
This plan cannot be combined with any third party financing. This plan cannot be used in conjunction with insurance.



Complimentary Fluoride

Complimentary Emergency Exam

Complimentary fluoride is for children only and limited to twice per year.  Emergency exam available to all members and limited to once per year.  

Plan Details:

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Immediate Savings

You can sign up right now and save on your dental treatment today.

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Anyone Can Join

No forms and no waiting - everyone is accepted.

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No Limits on Use

Use the plan as much as needed.

Pricing Options:

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Member Plus One


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Family Up to Five


*Plus a one-time, nonrefundable processing fee of $20.00.